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CTA Motorsports Product Line Card
on: February 06, 2007, 02:19:42 PM
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Here are some of the product lines we have access to. More will be added as we take on additional vendor products.

Absorber     Synthetic chamois         http://www.theabsorber.com     
AC Delco    GM chrome products       http://www.proformparts.com    
Accel    Ignition products    P    http://www.mrgasket.com    
Accufab    Billet throttle bodies & fuel related       http://www.accufabracing.com    
ACT Clutches    Performance clutches    P    http://www.advancedclutch.com    
AEM    Import performance    P    http://www.aempower.com    
Aeromotive    Performance fuel systems    P    http://www.aeromotiveinc.com    
Aeroquip    Braided hose & fittings    P    http://www.aeroquip.com    
AFE    Air intake systems    P    http://www.afefilter.com    
Airaid    Air intake systems    P    http://www.airaid.com    
Airflow Research    Cylinder heads    P    http://www.airflowresearch.com    
Air Ride Technologies    Air suspension       http://www.ridetech.com    
ARP    Engine fasteners    P    http://www.arp-bolts.com    
ATI Performance    Transmission components    P    http://www.atiperformanceproducts.com    
Auburn Gear    Differential components    P    http://www.auburngear.com    
Auto Art Diecast    Diecast replicas       http://www.autoartmodels.com    
Auto Custom Carpets    Replacement carpet kits       http://www.accmats.com    
Auto Specialties    Underdrive pulleys    P    http://www.aspracing.com    
Autometer    Automotive gauges    P    http://www.autometer.com    
Autotecnica    Automotive accessories    P    http://www.autotecnica.com    
B&M    Shifters & transmission products    P    http://www.bmracing.com    
Baer Brake    Performance brake systems       http://www.baer.com    
Banks Engineering    Diesel performance       http://www.rv-truckpower.com/    
Barry Grant    Fuel systems & components    P    http://www.barrygrant.com/    
BBK    Throttle bodies, headers & related    P    http://www.bbkperformance.com    
BeCool    Performance radiators    P    http://www.becool.com    
BellTech    Suspension components    P    http://www.belltechcorp.com    
Borla    Stainless steel exhaust products    P    http://www.borla.com    
Brodix    Cylinder heads & blocks       http://www.brodix.com    
Bullydog    Diesel performance    P    http://www.bullydog.com    
C&L    Ford mass-air meters    P    http://www.cnlperformance.com    
California Car Duster    Car care products    P    http://www.calcarduster.com    
Centerforce    Performance clutches    P    http://www.centerforce.com    
Centerline    Aluminum wheels    P    http://www.centerlinewheels.com    
Cloyes    Timing components       http://www.cloyes.com    
Comp Cams    Camshafts & valvetrain components    P    http://www.compcams.com    
Corsa Performance    Performance exhaust       http://www.corsaperformance.com    
Crane Cams    Camshafts & valvetrain components    P    http://www.cranecams.com    
Crower    Camshafts & valvetrain components    P    http://www.crower.com    
CSR Performance    Electric water pumps    P    http://www.csr-performance.com/    
CTEK    Battery chargers       http://www.ctek.com    
Dart Machine    Cylinder heads & blocks       http://www.dartheads.com    
Diablosport    Performance computer tuning       http://www.diablosport.com    
DC Sports    Import performance    P    http://www.dcsports.com    
Demon Carburetion    Performance carburetors    P    http://www.barrygrant.com    
Design Engineering    Thermal protection    P    http://www.designengineering.com    
Doug's Headers    Headers & exhaust products       http://www.dougsheaders.com    
Eagle    Cranks, rods & stroker kits    P    http://www.eaglerod.com    
Earls    Braided hose & fittings    P    http://www.holley.com    
Eaton Traction    Differential components    P    http://www.traction.eaton.com    
Edelbrock    Performance products    P    http://www.edelbrock.com    
Edge Products    Diesel performance    P    http://www.edgeproductsinc.com    
Eibach    Performance suspension       http://www.eibach.com    
Energy Suspension    Polyurethane bushings    P    http://www.energysuspension.com    
Eradispeed    Performance brake systems    P    http://www.eradispeed.com    
Ertl Diecast    Diecast replicas       http://www.ertltoys.com    
FAST Electronics    Fuel injection control systems    P    http://www.fuelairspark.com    
Federal Mogul    Engine components    P    http://www.federal-mogul.com    
Fel-Pro    Performance gaskets    P    http://www.federal-mogul.com    
Flaming River    Streetrod components       http://www.flamingriver.com    
Flex-a-lite    Automotive cooling products    P    http://www.flex-a-lite.com    
Flowmaster    Performance exhaust    P    http://www.flowmastermufflers.com    
Flow-Tech    Performance exhaust    P    http://www.holley.com    
Fluidampr    Harmonic dampers    P    http://www.fluidampr.com    
Ford Racing    Ford performance parts    P    http://www.fordracingparts.com    
Geddex    Dial-in marker & other trackside items    P    http://www.geddex.com    
Global West    Performance suspension       http://www.globalwest.net    
GMP Diecast    Diecast replicas    P    http://www.gmpdiecast.com    
Granatelli    Mass-air meters & Diablosport tuners    P    http://www.granatellimotorsports.com    
Grant    Steering wheels & accessories    P    http://www.grantproducts.com    
Greddy    Import performance    P    http://www.greddy.com    
Ground Force    Suspension components    P    http://www.groundforce.com    
G-Tech    Performance meters    P    http://www.gtechpro.com    
Hawk Brake    Performance brake pads    P    http://www.hawkperformance.com    
Hayden    Automotive cooling products    P    http://www.haydenauto.com    
Haynes    Automotive manuals    P    http://www.haynes.com    
Hays    Performance clutches    P    http://www.mrgasket.com    
Hedman Hedders    Performance exhaust    P    http://www.hedman.com    
Helix    Throttle body spacers & air intake kits       http://www.streetandperformanceelectronics.com/    
Hellwig Suspension    Suspension components       http://www.hellwigproducts.com    
Highway 61 Diecast    Diecast replicas    P    http://www.ffertl3.com    
Hitachi Automotive    Chrome alternators    P    http://www.hap-la.com    
Holley    Performance products    P    http://www.holley.com    
Hooker Headers    Performance exhaust    P    http://www.holley.com    
Hotchkis    Suspension components    P    http://www.hotchkis.net    
HP Books    How-to & performance books    P    http://www.penguinputnam.com    
Hurst    Shifters & transmission products    P    http://www.mrgasket.com    
Husler Headers    Race exhaust products       http://www.hedman.com    
Hypertech    Performance computer upgrades    P    http://www.hypertech-inc.com    
Innovate Motorsports    Digital tuning       http://www.innovatemotorsports.com    
Jacobs Electronics    Performance ignition    P    http://www.mrgasket.com    
Jada Toys    Diecast replicas    P    http://www.jadatoys.com    
Jaz Products    Seats & fuel cells    P    http://www.jazproducts.com    
JBA Headers    Performance exhaust    P    http://www.jbaheaders.com    
JE Pistons    Pistons    P    http://www.jepistons.com    
Jet    Performance computer upgrades    P    http://www.jetchip.com    
JP Performance    Billet timing components    P    http://www.jp.com.au    
K&N    Air filter & intake systems    P    http://www.knfilters.com    
Keith Black Pistons    Pistons    P    http://www.kb-silvolite.com    
Kirkey    Racing seats    P    http://www.kirkeyracing.com    
Koni    Performance shocks    P    http://www.koni-na.com    
Lakewood    Bellhousings & suspension components    P    http://www.mrgasket.com    
Lokar    Shifters & other streetrod components    P    http://www.lokar.com    
Lunati    Camshafts & valvetrain components    P    http://www.holley.com    
MAC Products    Ford performance parts    P    http://www.macperformance.com    
Magnaflow Exhaust    Performance exhaust    P    http://www.magnaflow.com    
Mallory Ignition    Performance ignition    P    http://www.mrgasket.com    
Manhattan Oil    Fuel fragrances    P       
Manley    Valves & engine components    P    http://www.manleyperformance.com    
March    Underdrive pulleys    P    http://www.marchperf.com    
McLeod    Performance clutches    P    http://www.mcleodind.com    
Mechanix Wear    Mechanics gloves    P    http://www.mechanixwear.com    
Meguiars    Car care products    P    http://www.meguiarscanada.com/    
Melling    Oil pumps    P    http://www.melling.com    
Michigan 77    Engine bearings    P    http://www.engineparts.com    
Mickey Thompson    Street & strip tires    P    http://www.mickeythompsontires.com    
Milodon    Oil pans & other engine components    P    http://www.milodon.net    
Moroso    Oil pans & other engine components    P    http://www.moroso.com    
Moser    Performance differential products    P    http://www.moserengineering.com    
Mothers    Car care products       http://www.mothers.com    
Motive Gear    Differential components    P    http://www.motivegear.com    
Motorbooks    How-to & performance books    P    http://www.motorbooks.com    
Mr. Gasket    Gaskets & other auto accessories    P    http://www.mrgasket.com    
MSD    Performance ignition    P    http://www.msdignition.com    
9+    Performance differential products    P    http://www.new9inch.com    
Nology    Performance ignition    P    http://www.nology.com    
NOS    Nitrous oxide systems    P    http://www.holley.com    
On The Edge    Bar stools, canopies, & promotional       http://www.ontheedgemarketing.com    
Pacesetter    Performance exhaust    P    http://www.pacesetterexhaust.com    
Painless Performance    Wiring harnesses & components    P    http://www.painlessperformance.com    
Patriot Exhaust    Performance exhaust    P    http://www.pertronix.com    
Patriot Performance    CNC ported cylinder heads       http://www.patriot-performance.com    
Paxton Superchargers    Centrifugal superchargers    P    http://www.paxtonauto.com    
Performance Automatic    Ford transmission components    P    http://www.performanceautomatic.com/    
Performance World    Fuel pumps,fasteners & other items    P    http://www.mopacautosupply.com/performanceworld.html    
Permatex    Octane boost & other chemicals    P    http://www.permatex.com    
Pertronix    Performance ignition    P    http://www.pertronix.com    
Pete Jackson    Gear drives    P       
PIAA    Lighting       http://www.piaa.com    
Pioneer    Engine components    P    http://www.pioneerautoinc.com    
Plasticolor    Garage stools & floor mats    P    http://www.plasticolorinc.com    
Power Slot    Slotted brake rotors    P    http://www.powerslot.com    
Powerbond    Harmonic dampers    P    http://www.precisionparts.com.au    
Powerdyne    Centrifugal superchargers    P    http://www.powerdyne.com    
Powermaster    Performance starters & alternators    P    http://www.powermastermotorsports.com    
Powertrax    Performance differential products    P    http://www.powertrax.com    
Predator Performance    Diesel performance       http://www.drperformance.com    
Probe    Pistons    P    http://www.probeindustries.com    
Procharger    Centrifugal superchargers    P    http://www.procharger.com    
Procomp Electronics    Performance ignition & engine parts       http://www.procompelectronics.com    
Professional Products    Intake manifolds,fuel systems & related    P    http://www.professional-products.com    
Proform    Engine building tools & other products    P    http://www.proformparts.com    
Pro-Stop    Cross-drilled brake rotors       http://www.powerslot.com    
QA1    Performance suspension       http://www.qa1.net    
Race Shop    Air inlet ducting    P    http://www.raceshopsupply.com    
Ram Clutches    Performance clutches    P    http://www.ramclutches.com    
RCI    Seats, fuel cells & safety equipment    P    http://www.rciracing.com    
Redline Oil    Synthetic lubricants    P    http://www.redlineoil.com    
RHS Heads    Performance cylinder heads       http://www.rhsheads.com    
Richmond Gear    Performance differential & transmission    P    http://www.richmondgear.com    
Ringers Gloves    Mechanics gloves       http://www.ringersgloves.com    
RJS    Safety equipment    P    http://www.rjsracing.com    
Roadmax    Lighting    P    http://www.roadmaxauto.com    
Ron's Fuel Injection    Alcohol injection systems    P    http://www.ronsfuel.com    
Royal Purple    Synthetic lubricants    P    http://www.synerlec.com    
Russell    Braided hose & fittings    P    http://www.russellperformance.com    
SA Design Books    How-to & performance books    P    http://www.cartechbooks.com    
Sanderson Headers    Streetrod headers    P    http://www.sandersonheaders.com    
S&B Filters    Performance air filters & systems       http://www.sbfilters.com    
Scat Crankshafts    Cranks, rods & stroker kits    P    http://www.scatcrankshafts.com    
SCE Gaskets    Copper head & header gaskets    P    http://www.scegaskets.com    
Scorpion Performance    Roller rocker arms       http://www.scorpionperformance.com    
Sealed Power    Engine components    P    http://www.federal-mogul.com    
Snow Performance    Water/Methanol injection kits       http://www.snowperformance.net    
Spectre    Automotive accessories    P    http://www.spectreperformance.com    
Sprint Suspension    Suspension components    P    http://www.sprintspring.com    
SRP    Pistons    P    http://www.jepistons.com    
Stage 8 Fasteners    Locking fasteners    P    http://www.stage8.com    
Stainless Steel Brakes    Performance brake systems    P    http://www.stainlesssteelbrakes.com    
Stewart    Water pumps    P    http://www.stewartcomponents.com    
Supercar Collectibles    Diecast replicas       http://www.supercar1.com    
Super Sunny    Chrome & aluminum accessories    P    http://www.super-specialty.com    
Superchips    Performance computer upgrades    P    http://www.superchips.com    
Suspension Techniques    Suspension components    P    http://www.stracing.com    
TA Performance    Differential girdles    P    http://www.taperformance.com    
Tavia    Timing tabs & engine building equipment    P    http://www.tavia.com    
Taxor    Watches & clocks    P    http://www.taxor.com    
Taylor Cable    Performance ignition products    P    http://www.taylorvertex.com    
TCI    Transmissions & components    P    http://www.tciauto.com    
Thermo-Tec    Thermal protection    P    http://www.thermotec.com    
Token Fiberglass    Fiberglass components    P    http://www.tokenfiberglass.com    
Torco    Synthetic lubricants    P    http://www.torcousa.com    
Trans-dapt    Automotive accessories    P    http://www.tdperformance.com    
Trick Flow    Heads, intakes & related components    P    http://www.trickflow.com    
Turbonetics    Turbochargers    P    http://www.turboneticsinc.com    
Turbosmart    Turbo wastegates & accessories       http://www.turbosmart.com.au    
VHT    Paints & chemicals    P    http://www.vhtpaint.com/    
Vibrant    Import performance    P    http://www.vibrantpower.com    
Vintage Air    Air conditioning kits & components    P    http://www.vintageair.com    
Vogtland    Performance suspension       http://www.vogtland.com    
Vortech    Centrifugal superchargers    P    http://www.vortechsuperchargers.com    
Weiand    Intake manifolds & superchargers    P    http://www.holley.com    
Weld Racing    Aluminum wheels       http://www.weldracing.com    
Wilwood    Performance brake systems    P    http://www.wilwood.com    
Wolf    Car covers    P    http://www.wolfautomotive.com    
World Products    Cylinder heads & blocks    P    http://www.worldcastings.com    
Zex    Nitrous oxide systems    P    http://www.zex.com    
ZoopSeal Inc.    Metal protection    P    http://www.zoops.com