• How to do a tranny flush
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How to do a tranny flush
on: May 13, 2008, 12:33:31 PM
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In a few simple steps its really not difficult at all.

What you need:

-Very long funnel
-size 10 socket
-size 22 or 23 socket (can't remember what it was, i think it was 23 for the drain bolt)
-jackstands, jack
-drain pan and something to put the fluid in
-3.5 Quarter of your favorite ATF fluid (I use valvoline max live full synthetic ATF)
-Flathead screwdriver
-Small Pliers

Step 1: Jack up your car, get it on the stands, you really ONLY need to do this for the front.

Step 2: Get the pan under the car under the drain bolt (HUGE bolt on bottom of tranny), take it out, drain the fluid into the pan.  Make sure your pan holds at least 4 quarts of oil

Step 3: Once the fluid is all drained, put the drain bolt back on, torque it down, careful not to strip it.

Step 4: Pop the hood.  You'll want to use the flathead screwdriver to remove the brackets for the middle of your intake.  Starting at the end of the upper resonator (part that goes into the elbow at your throttle body) unscrew the bracket, remove it.  Disconnect the hose connected to the upper portion of the intake.  Unscrew the bracket at the head of your intake (the large "bulb" shaped part that holds your filter) and disconnect the elbow, you'll be left with the large portion of your intake left disconnected.  Move it out of the way.  In doing this you are allowing a LOT of room for the funnel and to work easier.

Step 5: Looking down towards the top of the tranny (now that the intake elbow is out of the way) you will notice a small green "knob" shaped plug sticking out of your tranny with a black wire attached to it.  This is the top plug that checks your tranny fluid as well as your speed sensor.  Very CAREFULLY disconnect the wire from the speed sensor (it has 2 little ears that clip, very easy to break so be careful) and set the wire aside.  With that disconnected use your 10mm socket to remove the small bolt holding the brass clip sitting around this "knob" shaped device.  You can pull it aside and it should be hanging on by a clip hanging off of a blue wire.

Step 6: Very CAREFULLY work the plug out and pull it up, try and keep it clean.  You'll now notice a small hole in your tranny, this is where you fill it (where you removed the plug).  The plug has a little green "Gear" looking device on the end, this is how you check your tranny fluid.  Fluid at the bottom of it is low, fluid at the top of it is full.

Step 7: Put the funnel into the small hole (it must be a long funnel to reach), pour in (SLOWLY) 3.5 quarts of tranny fluid.  As you approach the last .5 quarts put the stick/sensor back in and check the fluid to make sure it's almost full then put the rest in.  Make sure you lube the little o-ring on it with a bit of tranny fluid so it isn't dry when you put it back in.  Put the clip back in around it, put the 10mm bolt back in and torque it down snug, not too tight don't wanna strip it.

Step 8: Hook your intake back up, check your hoses, make sure it's all tight and everything is good.  Then go and hook everything else back up, take her off the stands, make sure to check for leaks and any problems and then go drive it and make sure she's good.
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Re: How to do a tranny flush
Reply #1 on: November 20, 2008, 09:31:59 AM
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I'm ever the newb.

I thought that flushes of any sort were a bad thing, as in the various valves and fixtures only flowed one way in the engine.

Am I wrong?
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Re: How to do a tranny flush
Reply #2 on: November 20, 2008, 09:16:15 PM
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Flush's are great thing based on it gets rid of the extra clutch material that could plug up other holes. Also with new tranny fluid it helps with protection based on it the new additives so called are within the system. Filter and flush are the way to go. You can pm me if you have any questions buddy.
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Re: How to do a tranny flush
Reply #3 on: November 22, 2008, 07:37:35 PM
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Also, be certain that you use the correct fluid. Mine specifies Mercon. I tried using synthetic and it flared like crazy, I thought I had toasted it. So I flushed her on through with Mercon and now it does okay. Granted my box has some miles on it, when I get a chance to rebuild it I may try synth again. If you have a late model box that specifies Mercon V, be certain that's what you get. I'm not satisfied with the compatibility of competitive synthetics from a shift smoothness feel.
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