• 1984 Porsche 944 $5000
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1984 Porsche 944 $5000
on: April 21, 2010, 12:49:25 AM
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Low book value on this car is $5200.  High is $8k.  This car is somewhere in the middle.  Get yourself a mechanically fit 944 for a kickass deal.

I have taken absolute meticulous care of this 944.  I have all the specialty tools purchases for doing a timing belt job and have many extras.

I have 911 wheels off of a 1996 Porsche 911 Targa as it stands right now with dunlop sport winters.  I have the original BBS wheels on it (will need refinished on the rear) but are all in good shape.  

Paint is not horrible, but is cracking/flaking in some spots, has a small crease near driver door (can be seen in the pics) and a bra over the front where the paint has cracked.


-This car essentially has a new cooling system. Countless hoses replaced, new radiator not even 1000 miles ago.
-Timing belt is good to go for another 2 years. I have ALL NECESSARY specialty tools to do the timing belt yourself (for the do it yourself wrench types)
-New countershaft belt (at time of belt)
-CV Joints repacked
-All wheel bearings repacked, some replaced
-Axle housing cleaned, dremel wheeled and refinished
-Cam shaft tip fix
-Wiring fixes on the tail lights
-Brake flush
-Replaced clutch master cyl
-Re-built clutch slave cyl
-Headlights fixed
-New boot
-Seat mount brackets fixed, new brackets made, fabricated and welded.
-Floorpan fixed and corrected since it was bent.
-Engine bay cleaned up
-Power steering leak stopped
-Flushed the power steering system. Put the CORRECT fluid in (PO had standard PS fluid in it, no no in these cars...)
-Tranny flushed (amsoil synthetic, shifts like a champ)
-CV Joint axle shafts refinished and regreased
-Many grounds replaced...
-New battery
-New stat
-New spacers put on, 911 wheels installed (since the old wheels were thrashed) Wheels are off a 1996 911 Targa STILL HAS THE ORIGINAL BBS WHEELS AS A BACKUP SET OF WHEELS! - 911 wheels have dunlop sport winters with tons of tread left!
-New carpet replaced in back
-Kick ass stereo system with blaupunk in the front, polk db in the back, 2 10" subs. Stereo can go with the car or without, don't care.
-Upgraded to magnecore ignition wires.
-New cap
-New rotor
-New holders for the wires
-Original luggage cover for the rear is still there, and in great shape.
-All electrics work and all the grounds in the engine bay refreshed. Power windows, power steering.

The Not so good:

- Paint isn't horrific. But is cracking and flaking in areas. Has one small crease near driver door and a missing spot on passenger side (as seen in pictures). As you can see, it's not horrific. However, for someone wanting to restore a car, it's a great opportunity to repaint it how you want it. Engine bay is the original guards red and under the hood is absolutely awesome, however.
- Dash does have cracks - has new cover on it that i just bought.
- Front seats will need reupholstered, has covers on them. Rear seats are perfect.
- Both hydraulics for hood and hatch blew before it was sold to me. $20 fix per set. Easy fix.

This car will get you from A to B, take you on great trips, and give you a wonderful experience.  It is a great gateway drug into the Porsche world.  Learn what it's like to own a CORRECTLY RUNNING PROPERLY TAKEN CARE OF 944.

Price is not negotiable.  5k take it or leave it.  New thumpin' system just installed as well with Blaupunkt 3 way front, Polk DB 2 way rear with  two 10" subs in the back.  Turn the key have tunes, or hear the wonderful exhaust note.  


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