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Visual Modifications / Shifters
« on: August 30, 2006, 06:03:29 PM »
Anyone have any good suggestions for leather shift boots and knobs?  I'm looking for inexpensive, since I don't have that much money, but any good suggestions welcome.  I don't like the stock rubber - and my boot is cracked anyway - so I figure a leather boot would look seriously good in the car.

Hate to say it, but while that one is certainly a lot nicer than other aftermarket decks, I really don't think I'd like it in my car.  I dunno, they always seem to be out of place for me, so I've never been able to embrace an aftermarket deck (especially in this car, with the whole round thing going on with the center stack).  I'd still like to go the changer route.

The problem with replacing the head unit is my intense dislike of aftermarket head units, with their fiddly controls, overly distracting displays, and complete inability to look like they belong in the car.  That's just me, I guess, but I definately don't want one.

Thanks for the Crutchfield suggestion though, I'll check them out.

Hey there, I'm new, but then I haven't even got the ZX2 I want yet, so I'm new to this whole shebang I guess.  I want to get an MP3-capable CD changer and run it through the stock head unit.  I hate the way aftermarket units look, basically, although my current (and quite dead) car has one that I've made peace with.  All of my music is on MP3 CD, and the car I'm getting does have premium audio so there's a changer in there already.  I was hoping it was possible to keep the stock unit's controls for the new changer, just because that'd look the best.

I suppose lots of people here have replaced the old unit, but I'm hoping someone has tried to do what I'm thinking or at least knows if it'll work.

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