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For Sale / 99 ZX2 Sport auto REDUCED $350
« on: November 17, 2006, 06:21:44 AM »
99 zx2 sport auto, every option except cd changer, 44K miles, wrecked in 2003, I welded a new front clip on and did all the frame work. The new fenders and hood and bumper cover are hung, but not secured.  Interior is missing a few pieces.  This car has a PA R-title. What that means is the vehicle once was branded with a salvage title, but was reconstructed to give it the R-title status. This means the car doesn't need any additional paperwork to get a liscence plate for it. It also means the car isn't worth more than $800.  The car does need some parts to finish it.  The interior is disassembled and doesn't match the car. Engine and tranny have 44K miles on them, and both work flawlessly. The windshield has less than 500 miles on it. the rear clip is flawless, but missing the stock spoiler.

Honestly, this should be used for parts. I already did the hard part, cutting off the front frame rails, hanging the motor, welding on a new front clip frame section, and reinstalling all teh wiring harnesses, painted the inner structure to match car. Unless you are a good bodyman, don't even think of buying this car. You need skills to finish this.  I will include what is remaining of a quart of PPG DBU Ash gold Metallic base coat. You will need DR-1170 basecoat reducer and clear coat system separately.

I'm asking $800, but I'm open to offers. It's for sale locally for $1000, and the front clip is advertised on for $1200, which is one of the lowest prices for a front clip. I just figured someone here wanted a shot at a cheap rebuilder or parts car.

pictures by email.  email me, if you want pictures.

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