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Photo Album / WOW flash back
« on: December 11, 2009, 01:57:23 PM »
We found these when looking at old pictures. Think to start on this car when I was only 14 years old. Here is a before and after pic of what it looks like today:



Detailing / Products and their uses
« on: November 29, 2009, 06:05:55 PM »
Some of you may and may not know I am a clean freak to the point were even my cars/bikes have to be up to a certain standard by me. As I was sitting the garage cleaning up some plastic parts I figure I would tell you what I use on my stuff. On one of my cars I use about 12 products so I am pretty serious about it.

1. Washing the car is the most important part. Some company's make a soap that wont sud up compare to others(example Turtle wax). For the most part meguires and mother's make great products that suds up great and has deep cleaning ability's which also make your car smell good in the inside.

2.Wax: Waxing the car is important and helps fight off anything that might land on the car in the mean time of your wash. Bird poop is a big one since it has a high ph level which actually will wreck the finish of your car quickly. Avoid brands such as turtle wax and cheap brands since they don't have strong bonders inside to make it last. If you want a great finish that looks good up to a month or so mothers and meguires are great and will be a "show finish quality". If you have a car you want to wax once a year and want the longest lasting finish I would recommend a product like "wax once a year" I believe it's called. It won't look as great as a meguires yet it will last the longest based on the bonders.

3.Interior: Really I avoid everything if possible. Use a damp rag with water and just wipe it down with a dry towel after wards. Most of the other brands will throw a liquid substitute on it and will eventually dry out the dash and crack it. If your car is inside the garage were no sun hits it use a interior spray like meguires interior spray. It will make the dash have a "wet look". Based on sun isn't hitting it 24/7 it will not affect anything.

4.Wheels: Any of them will work yet make sure its a PH neutral based product. Otherwise aluminum can actually have a electrolysis effect and will make it pit looking after awhile. Eagle one make's a great product for this and I have had great luck with it.

5.Motor: This is up in the air. People will use engine brite and other items. I am not found of this based on it can get in area's that will affect the car. Seen it a million times so I stay away from this. I get a spray bottle of soap and water and spray the area you want to clean and scrub it down and wipe it off.

6.Plastics(Interior clusters,lights,etc). Plasticx by no doubt is the best stuff ever invented by meguires. It will help polish and take out minimal scratches away from your plastic. I do not recommend doing this on painted surfaces.

7.Trim: Back to Black is a great product as well by meguires . Yet depending on the condition of the rubber it can make it look funny after awhile. Ive seen it after a couple of weeks the rubber starts getting like a water spot look on it from it. Not sure if its from previous sun damage or not. Up to you to use this.

I can get into more depth about different wax's and polishes and such. If you have any questions let me know. I put this together really quick. Just for one car this is what I use.

By no means am I liable for your mis-use on products. Take this how ever you like

Photo Album / Finally Done
« on: November 20, 2009, 05:52:50 PM »
Yep..finally done doing this beast of a bike ha ha.

Story time:
Bought the bike in August of this year(first bike). I loved it yet I knew eventually I would do something different to it. Never thought about going this far into but I did. Total cost around 300 bucks I think or less. Cheap when you do everything yourself for the most part. Pictures speak for itself. I wont say its a 100 percent perfect..yet for what I have and how I criticize myself so hard it came out good everyone has said. Couple of guys have said "omg I just went in my pants' when seeing it. Kind of funny seeing people's reactions.

Bike:1994 F2 19xxx miles.



Photo Album / What I have been up too
« on: November 03, 2009, 06:13:43 PM »
For the last couple of days I have been crazy busy doing this bike. It went from being a month project to a couple of days. I had to get it was underneath my skin saying "fix me..fix me". So I did.

-Take off all panels.
-Sand all panels and fix all cracks and scratches from previous owner
-Fix dent in gas tank

Next Task:
-Rims powder coated black
-New mirrors

Here are the pictures below. There horrible since it's raining outside and I cant get her out till this weekend or maybe tomorrow if lucky. Soon if worthy I'll try running for bike of the month.

Video: ... 0_0550.flv

Again sorry for the bad pic's.


Photo Album / 1994 Honda CBR600
« on: September 21, 2009, 08:42:01 AM »
Well as some of you know I did get another toy. It's been a blast so far but don't worry I have not forgotten/nor will I forget the zx2. Next toy is a pickup truck when I get the chance. Otherwise enjoy


1994 Honda CBR600
0-60mph 3.2 secs
0-100mph 7.5secs
Top Speed 150mph
Fuel consumption 46mpg

Vance and Hines Slip on
K&N Air filter
Black handle clutch and brake lever

Photo Album / 1994 Cbr 600
« on: August 20, 2009, 06:41:37 PM »
Hey guys,
   Well I broke down this week and got a bike. With this it was time for me to get something new I don't know much about. With this I purchased a 1994 Honda CBR 600. With this it has a newer custom paint color that changes colors as you walk around it and has been fully tuned up for the most part. I'll be cleaning up the body and eventually making it flawless within time. I am hoping to keep this for many many years. I wanted to get at least one bike in my life time and hold it for awhile. Pic's are below:

Next on the list is a pickup. As many of you notice I have many toys. I am getting ready so when I do find my house I am set for a long long time. Sports car(zx2), Daily Driver(Mazda6), Winter truck and DD(Hopefully Ranger or Chevy 1500), Bike(CBR600)

Suspension / Tires and Speed Odometer Correction
« on: July 25, 2009, 08:15:27 AM »
As for tires and speedo calibration, approx 23.5" OD is what the 120mph speedo and pcm are calibrated for, so here's a list of tires that will make a negligible difference to the speedo:

185/65-14 (35-50mm offset wheels needed)
195/60-14 (35-45mm offset wheels needed)
205/60-14 (38-43mm offset wheels needed)
185/60-15 (35-50mm offset wheels needed)
195/55-15 (35-45mm offset wheels needed)
205/55-15 (40-43mm offset wheels needed)
215/50-15 (42-43mm offset wheels needed)
195/50-16 (35-45mm offset wheels needed)
205/45-16 (40-43mm offset wheels needed)
215/45-16 (42-43mm offset wheels needed)
205/40-17 (40-43mm offset wheels needed)
215/40-17 (42-43mm offset wheels needed)

Suspension / Zx2 Wheel/Tire Combo's
« on: July 25, 2009, 08:14:01 AM »
ideal (non-rubbing) ZX2 wheel/tire combos...

ZX2 bolt pattern: 4x100mm

ideal rims for 185 width tires:
14x5.5", 14x6", 35mm-45mm offset
15x5.5", 15x6", 35mm-45mm offset

ideal rims for 195 width tires:
15x6", 15x6.5, 37mm - 43mm offsets
16x6.5", 16x7", 37mm-43mm offsets

ideal rims for 205 width tires:
15x6", 15x6.5, 15x7", 40mm - 43mm offsets
16x6.5", 16x7", 40mm-43mm offsets
17x7", 40-43mm offsets

ideal rim sizes for 215 width tires:
16x7", 16x7.5", 42-43mm offset
17x7", 17x7.5", 42-43mm offset
18x7.5", 42-43mm offset

important points:
1. not all tires of identical size are made to the same width - there can be variances as much as 1/2" between manufacturers of the exact same number size tire.

2. wheel offsets have to do with how close or far the tire will be to the strut or wheel well - a lower number offset means the tires are closer to the fender, a higher number offset means the tire is closer to the strut.

Photo Album / Showing off my Gimp Skils
« on: June 27, 2009, 08:27:10 AM »
Well today is only day really two. I dunno been off and on this thing and its addicting had a hard time sleeping since I wanted to learn more about it. Here are some sample photo's of what I have done so far: By far I am not great what so ever in my mind but just learning. If you do photoshop or Gimp feel free to post up as well on what you have done.

This is done on Gimp 2.6

(Senior Pic. Yes I had ton's of hair at the time. 2005)

(2006 w/o kit and different rims etc)

(2009 Swap the rims on(I don't have these rims but different rims if you look at other pictures)

Interior / Vaccuum Gauge Install
« on: June 20, 2009, 06:30:53 PM »
To do this is a very simple process.

1. Buy a Autometer gauge or good brand just as equivalent.

2. Within the package you will receive the gauge itself with a plastic hard line.

3  You want to route the plastic hard line to the back of the intake manifold(Were the throttle body is connected to). With this you will see a couple of big vacuum lines in the back. You want to to tap into one that read's vacuum and t off from that. With this running the new t-part to the gauge itself. Make sure you put the line you took off the IM on the t as well.

4. Run that hard line back to the gauge routing it through the firewall or your preference. With this the car should read around -25inch of vacuum.

Do at your own risk. Not responsible for anything.

Engine/Transmission / Belt Routing (ByPass)
« on: June 20, 2009, 06:09:19 PM »
Belt Routing for several ways for the Zx2.

Do at your own risk. Not responsible for anything.

Engine/Transmission / Mac, Zxtuner, Esslingers Udp Belt Size
« on: June 20, 2009, 06:05:31 PM »
The following is belts for the following Udp:

Mac Udp/Zxtuner Udp- Part #835K6
Esslinger Udp- Part #835K6
Zxtuner Ultra Udp - Part #820K6

Given to me by Rob at Zxtuner.

Off-Topic / LOL Making a fun outta of me
« on: May 15, 2009, 07:51:31 PM »

I laughed so hard..i almost pee'd my pants.

Photo Album / Wetsand the Sables headlights
« on: May 13, 2009, 12:32:56 PM »
Well I told my mother that I would wet sand and clean up the yellowish that was happening on her beater car(frankly a very nice car in my opinion 96 Sable loaded).

With this the headlights look like this:

Depending on the situation is what you start with on sand paper

-1000 grit would be very bad(super this point might be no return)
-1500 grit is what I started with (medium oxidation and yellowish)
-2000 grit barley anything bad with just a little haze that needs to be cleaned up

1) Start with the heaviest grit(Example for me was 1500). With this go in a horizontal motion. Always go in one way and never in circles. With this it keeps it a nice pattern. Do this ontill you get a even pattern across the headlight.(Also since your using wetsand paper remember to keep it always wet and same as the surface of the headlight)

2)The headlight will be a little cloudy. Make sure its dry and everything is looking even as far as sanding went. Now get out the 2000 grit wetsand paper out. Make sure you get it wet as previous and now wet the surface. Go the opposite direction that you went before making it even as previously stated. Do this ontill even. You will actually see it kind of clear up now since the yellow is getting off. Now wipe it dry once done and it should be a clear foggy headlight.

3) I get out my plasticx out and get a fair amount on the headlight and rub it in. Let it sit there for a couple of min's so it has a chance to work it in the headlight. Take your towel and rub it off and it should look like this:

If you want a full write up I can do one. I kind of briefed this. Ive heard some people not having success and some having great. Again I don't take any responsibility for when you do this. Let me know what you think

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